ITPAC Meeting Minutes: October 21, 1999

Last edited December 15, 1999 by Fedro S. Zazueta.

Call to Order

A regular meeting of the ITPAC was held on Thursday, October 21,1999. The meeting was called to order by Larry Halsey, at 9:00am in room 1031-A McCarty Hall.


Present: Eleven members were present: Larry Halsey, Phil Achey, Joe Joyce, Jerry Kidder, Craig Stanley, Ashley Wood, Roger Clemmons, Mary Ann Andrews, Fedro Zazueta, Ricky Telg, Jim Syvertsen.

Absent: Three members were absent: V. Parmenter, J. West, P. Vergot.

Approve Prior Minutes

The minutes of the August 5, 1999 meeting were reviewed. Minutes were then approved.


Guest, William Fleming.

IFAS Home Page

  • Fleming gave guiding principles of the Homepage Committee.
  • He showed various examples of other University homepages.
  • Fleming noted that UF selected Duke University's example to follow.
  • R. Telg suggested IFAS client group view a draft of the homepage before finalizing.
  • It is probable that Office of Information Technology will be responsible for Homepage maintenance.

IFAS Directory

Fleming stated Personnel/Budget Office is working with P. Kearney's office to set up database that includes IFAS USPS. There will be no Fall Directory printed.

Hosting Non-IFAS Organizations

  • Zazueta noted care should be used to not associate name of University with any other organization.
  • Zazueta/Kidder to draft policy of no hosting outside organizations and provide to ITPAC for review before submitting to VP.

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IT Items

IT Status

  • Employee turnover has been reduced.
  • Salaries have been increased per market demand (?)
  • FSZ gave overview of various handouts.
  • Guests, C. Leopold and M. Kanofsky of Office of Information Technology gave overview of using the Exchange Server Platform and noted that the overall goal is to faze out the Gainesville server (?)

Hosting Publications

  • Zazueta gave presentation on a new publication system. It would be a central repository for publications for southeast region. Georgia & Texas are interested and will visit UF.
  • Resources of personnel and facilities would need to be contributed by all participating states.

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Other Discussion

Term Expirations

Halsley asked Joyce to review term expiration of committee members and appoint replacements before the January meeting.

Next Meeting

The next regular meeting is scheduled for January 20, 2000, 9:00am-noon in room 1031-A McCarty Hall.

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