ITPAC Meeting Minutes: January 20, 2000

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Call to Order

A regular meeting of the ITPAC was held on Thursday, January 20, 2000. The meeting was called to order by Larry Halsey, at 9:00am in room 1031-A McCarty Hall.


Present: Dr's. Joyce, Zazueta, Luzar, Norman, Bobroff, Syversten, Halsey, Telg and Clemmons.

Absent: Vernon Parmenter.

Dr. Joyce presided as Chair in Vernon Parmenter's absence.

All new members were introduced to the committee.

Approve Prior Minutes

The minutes of the October 21, 1999 meeting were approved.

Administrative Updates

UF/IIFAS IT Progress for 1999

Dr. Zazueta gave an overview of UF/IIFAS IT progress for 99. This information can be accessed at

Showing real progress in comparing 11/98 to 12/99. However, Dr. Zazueta indicated that progress has been somewhat slowed because FIRN is understaffed and underfunded resulting in a lack of capacity to address UF/IFAS needs. Also, counties are to provide recurring expenses but they are not able sometimes to secure from county governments. IT office is currently developing a strategy concerning this issue.

It was noted that savings generated by moving away from the VAX platform and with funding from the VP's office, total connectivity can be accomplished in two years. All RECs will be connected within the next few weeks at increased speed as well.

  • Y2K: no problems were encountered due to an excellent Y2K response team effort.
  • FAWN: major grant to complete the system is expected in the near future.
  • EDIS Editor: the "tool" is complete such that when publications are approved, they can be seen on the EDIS website immediately. It was noted that the Editors need to keep up with the progress of the publications at the departmental level. Statistics on the use of EDIS are available at the website.
  • DDIS: an additional 13 counties have been funded by Extension and Florida FIRST provided $30,000 for this project.
  • FAS (Faculty Accountability System): this replaces the old reporting system. This allows access to database and viewing in many different ways. FAS implementation was mandated by IFAS Administration.
  • CD-ROMs: continue to produce both for internal and external use clientele. It was noted that more information can be held on DVD.
  • HelpDesk / Training: training staff traveled to various counties to assist in setting up web pages. The Web Committee is currently revising the UF Home Page and is to standardize UF/IFAS web pages. It was mentioned that the new IFAS logo takes up too much room on a disk. Dr. Zazueta will work with Ashley Wood to compress in order to alleviate this situation.
  • Video Conferencing: Microsoft Netmeeting is available for download as a means of cutting down communications costs. An ILS server has been established as
  • 4-H Technology Program: a team has been established to develop a program in Information Technologies for interested youth.
  • Business Systems: expect to see a 40% reduction in CICS charges due to changes made by IT.
  • Network Systems: have recently moved the computer room to Building 120. IT has made good progress in 1999 and priorities for 2000 is connectivity and training. Every month an employee spotlighted for their work.

The Committee was presented with a draft policy on IP address management within UF/IFAS. IP addresses are allocated largely as static mapped. Currently, LTF has to contact an international organization to obtain additional IP addresses.

Dr. Zazueta indicated that DHCP is a more modem system as opposed to static mapping which is an older and inefficient method. Dr. Zazueta indicated that it was just a matter of time before all units would go to DHCP.

Dr. Joyce suggested that Dr. Zazueta discuss this with the ICC group and also with Lake Alfred and Ft. Lauderdale who have their own servers and report back to the ITPAC Committee if there is substantial objection. If the ICC group is supportive, the recommendation to endorse the DHCP system should be submitted to the VP.

The Network Policy Statement draft document will be reviewed by Dr's. Clemmons, Syversten, Halsey, Zazueta and a representative from the ICC.

Items that need to be addressed as a result of the meeting are:

  1. IFAS logo: Dr. Zazueta to meet with Ashley Wood to handle.
  2. FAS: confusion about the new Faculty Accountability System start date, needs to be more user friendlier. Dr. Halsey suggested that a discussion concerning pros and cons of this on-line system. Dr. Zazueta will set up meeting sometime in March with Dr's. Luzar, Halsey and Syversten. Dr. Israel needs to be included in this discussion.
  3. Dr. Halsey discussed E-Rate for reduced connectivity costs and not jeopardizing at the rate at the county level. Dr. Joyce will check this out.
  4. Draft policy concerning IP Address Management. Dr. Zazueta will meet with a group and report back to the committee.
  5. Network Policy Statement: group will be meet to review.

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Other Discussion

Meeting Notices

It was agreed that Dr. Zazueta would send out meeting notices in consultation with the Chair of the committee. It was also noted that as much information should be sent out ahead of the meeting in order to reduce the amount of information "download" during the meeting and focus more on the discussion of policy type issues at the meeting.

It was suggested that a reminder is sent to the committee by E-mail.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the IT Committee will be held on April 20, 2000.

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