Creation of an IFAS-Announce-L Listserv

November 14, 2007  (last edited November 15, 2007 by Steve Lasley)


We continue to receive frequent criticism of messages sent to IFAS-ALL-L as being inappropriate for such wide dissemination.


This issue has been discussed before, and it was generally understood that we need a means of contacting all employees (IFAS-ALL), while still supporting announcements which many, but not all, might be interested in receiving.


Mandatory-subscription to the IFAS-ALL-L list should remain in place, but posts to that list should be restricted to messages from the Senior Vice President and Dean's offices; it should be used only for messages which must be distributed to all. For more general announcements, a new distribution list called IFAS-ANNOUNCE-L will be created to which membership would be optional.


Approved by ITPAC on 11/14/07. To be proposed to the deans for their support prior to implementation.