Publication of an IMM formally recognizing the ICC

November 4, 2005  (last edited November 5, 2005 by Steve Lasley)


Dan Cromer has drafted IMM 6C1-6.150-2 for publication which formalizes the existance and role of the ICC in the IFAS IT policies and procedures process. This IMM would parallel the single existing IT-related IMM, 6C1-6.150-1, which provides a similar function for the ITPAC.


This revolved mostly around needing to find a contact for each department--even those with very few administrative staff who might not be particularly computer literate. Persuant to that, it was suggested that the word "interested" be removed. The idea of having such contacts utilize helpdesk personnel as their proxy in dealing with the ICC on IT matters was viewed as valuable. Such a situation was always intended, however, and would not really indicate a needed change in the wording of the IMM draft.


With the above revision, the ITPAC committee recommends to the VP that this draft be published as an official IMM.


Approved by ITPAC on 11/3/05



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