Create a New Infrastructure Task Force for the Purpose of Developing an IT Charter

February 3, 2005  (last edited February 8, 2005 by Steve Lasley)


ITPAC sees the need to develop an IT Charter that would describe and schedule the implementation of best policies and practices for delivering IT services within IFAS. The goal is to deliver services that are reliable and meet end-user needs on a continuing basis. Towards that end, we recommend that a new Infostructure Task Force, managed in conjunction with the ICC, be appointed by the VP. This appointment should be accomplished by March 1st 2005.


Approved by ITPAC on 2/3/05.


Russ Rouseff originally dissented. Later he offered to withdraw his dissent, provided that this effort was clearly faculty driven and addressed their needs for becoming more efficient in being able to do their jobs.