ITPAC Meeting Minutes: April 22, 1999

Last edited July 13, 1999 by Fedro S. Zazueta.

Call to Order

A regular meeting of the ITPAC was held on Thursday, April 22, 1999. The meeting was called to order by Vernon Parmenter, Chairman, at 9:00am in room 1031-A McCarty Hall.


Present: Twelve members were present or represented: Mary Ann Andrews, Phil Achey, Larry Halsey, Joe Joyce, Jerry Kidder, Vernon Parmenter, Craig Stanley, Jim Syvertsen, Ricky Telg, Pete Vergot, Ashley Wood, Fedro Zazueta.

Absent: One member was absent: Justin West.

Approve Prior Minutes

The minutes of the February 19, 1999 meeting were reviewed. Minutes were then approved.

Report of the Chairman

Vernon Parmenter accepted nomination as new Chair of the ITPAC.

Letter of appointment is to be sent to Roger Clemmons requesting him to replace Kathy Bergsma.

Additional item added to April 22, 1999 meeting agenda.

IT Status

County Connectivity Issues

Zazueta shared:

  • The Deans office has provided $125,000 for connectivity to counties.
  • By the end of the fiscal year every county will have a LAN.
  • Ways need to be determined to help counties defray costs.
  • Counties have difficulty getting large band width assistance from the telephone companies.
  • Strategically locate Point of Presence (POPS) in areas that are more beneficial.
  • Router option can be expanded with little trouble and/or expense.
  • Should not invest large sum of money into system that is unable to grow.

Overall, progress has been made in the area of connectivity.

Web Based Platform for User Interfaces

  • New web based purchasing system effective October 1.
  • Old samas system out December 31.
  • State needs to improve service, therefore, connectivity needs to be there.

Publication Process Memorandum

  • Agronomy model removes tagging and delays. Works very well. Halsey drafted memo to Vice President submitting recommendation by ITPAC that Publication Steering Committee adopt the Agronomy process.
  • Tagging tool developed by Zazueta, Beck, Halderman.
  • Zazueta to send address of "tool".

Survey of Computer Usage

  • Phil Achey discussed faculty surveys mailed out. 500 mailed out 100 responses (20%) returned.
  • Responses reinforce frustration of faculty in computer use in the classroom.
  • Policy discussion, Word vs. Wordperfect 8 usage. Should committee recommend Word as standard platform? Zazueta, Halsey, Syvertsen will review standard process and make recommendations to committee.

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Items of Interest

Electronic Directory

F. Zazueta, W. Fleming (IFAS Personnel Director) will prepare a draft to the Vice President's Office with recommendations of content related specifically to IFAS.

Relationship of UF/IFAS and FIRN

  • FIRN is grossly underfunded and understaffed.
  • A high level effort needs to be made to support FIRN.
  • Zazueta/Parmenter to contact FIRN and ask how best to assist them.
  • Halsey to draft E-rate option memo to Vice President.

Network Stewardship

Who is responsible for network physical system? Need to define responsibilities and enforce them.

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