ITPAC Meeting Minutes: November 19, 1998

Last edited August 4, 2003 by Steve Lasley.

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Larry Halsey at 9:30am in 1031 McCarty Hall on the UF campus.


Members present were: Achey, Parmenter, Byrd, Bergsma, Syversten, Joyce, Stanley, Vergot, Kidder, Achley Wood (representing Poucher), and Zazueta. Absent were Mizell and Purdy.

Approve Prior Minutes

Minutes of the July 28, 1998 meeting were accepted as distributed.

Administrative Updates

Zazueta announced that UF/IFAS was awarded the top three Davis Awards, with IT being heavily involved in the top two (FAWN and the Travel System). The third was awarded to Steve Eshom, CFREC.

Halsey opened discussion of concerns expressed by Bergsma of the time spent in ITPAC meetings on updates. There was considerable discussion of the role and IFAS administration expectations of ITPAC. Joyce stated that administration expects ITPAC to formulate policy recommendations. The issue of which platform operating system would be supported by IT was brought up and discussed. The difficulty of having sufficient staff to give technical support to more than one platform was weighed against the difficulties presented for those units which would have a non-supported system. After considerable discussion, Kidder moved and Parmenter seconded that IFAS IT move to NT as the supported network operating system. Vote was 9 yes, 1 no, and 2 abstentions. Halsey will advise VP Martin by letter of the decision. Based on the discussion before the vote, the group agreed to direct Zazueta to get cost analysis of implementing the policy and to make the analysis available to ITPAC and IFAS administration before the next ITPAC meeting.

The makeup of ITPAC was discussed. There is a need to balance the composition of the group so there are persons experienced with the issues and persons with new ideas. IFAS is still in the process of implementing the Task Force recommendations, so continuity is needed there. Halsey will write to VP Martin reminding him of the need for five appointments for two year terms. Joyce noted that nominations from various groups would be welcomed.

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IT Updates

After a short break, Zazueta reported on several issues:

  • Turn over in IT personnel is allowing faster implementation of some of the goals.
  • Chris Leopold is the new Network Systems Coordinator.
  • IT is having difficulty getting some of the administrative units to let their technical people work on IT committees.
  • A newsletter from IT is needed; it will be done on the Web.
  • Connectivity: it is foreseeable that every unit will be on a local area network by the end of 1998. He is very pleased with how fast progress is being made with the coordination at the institutional level and backing of the District Directors. Reporting on the FIRN negotiations, noted that IT manages the routers for FIRN.
  • Interruption of network services: there will be no interruptions at payroll time. A related news webpage was developed.
  • IBM Global Campus: information and possibilities presented.
  • Training: IT has conducted ?? training sessions. Written material is available.

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Other Discussion

The next meeting will be held on February 18, 1999.

Discussion and general agreement of the need for more frequent meetings, perhaps bi-monthly rather than quarterly.

Suggestions of an ITPAC website for Status Updates in order to streamline the committee agenda and continuing meetings past mid-day, when necessary to complete discussion of agenda items.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:50am.

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