ITPAC Meeting Minutes: September 25, 2000

Last edited May 14, 2001 by Fedro S. Zazueta.

Call to Order

A regular meeting of the ITPAC was held on Monday, September 25, 2000. The meeting was chaired and called to order by Larry Halsey, Chair, at 1:00pm in Entomology Seminar Room, room 1031.


Present: Eleven members were present: Larry Halsey, Joe Joyce, Ashley Wood, Roger Clemmons, Fedro Zazueta, Jane Luzar, Jim Syvertsen, Marilyn Norman, Vernon Parmenter.

A special invitation was extended to all IFAS Computer Coordinators (ICC). Those in attendance were: Steve Lasley, Jennifer Xiu, Brian Sevier, Dave McKinney, Mike Armstrong, John Sawyer, Mike Ross, Chris Fooshae, Tim Nance, Earl Sloan, Chris Leopold, Mike Knofsky, Steve Moore, Judy Simpson and Uttan (?)

Absent: Bill Brown, Justin West, Ricky Telg, Mary Ann Andrews.

Approve Prior Minutes

The minutes of the May 4, 2000 meeting were approved.

IT Updates

Review Infostructure Task Force Report and Mandate for ITPAC

The Infostructure Task Force was convened and charged, in April of 1996, to evaluate the current function and organizational structure of UF/IFAS information management, hardware and software support and training needs and how they should be structured to lead UF/IFAS into the 21st century.

In July, 1997, the Final Report was issued and accepted by the VP/Deans. As a result of this Report, the Information Technology Policy/Advisory committee (ITPAC) was assembled to provide advice relating to policy, long-range planning and budgetary matter to the VP and Deans.

IT Status

The status of the UF/IFAS-IT Office has been summarized and placed on the ITPAC website ( F. Zazueta also provided a handout of the performance review of IT for FY 1999-2000.

Relation Between IT and Unit IFAS Computer Coordinators (ICCs)

It was agreed that a tighter working relationship between IT and the unit ICCs needed to be established to ensure that the ICCs received pre-release notification and/or training notices of relevant information, in a timely manner, in order to effectively assist their units.

An example of the lack of communication was the release of the Faculty Accountability System (FAS) information sent to all faculty. Many ICCs had no knowledge of the released data discs (?) and, therefore, were unprepared to assist their units.

Also, the central phone number 352-538-4273, assigned to Chris Leopold, is to be given to all ICC's to use in the event they are unable to reach ITNS assistance.

The ICC group will meet and select a representative to be a member of the ITPAC.

F. Zazueta will provide a copy of the 2000FAS for all ICCs.

Email Address Transition and IFAS Directory

Spreadsheets were sent to a liaison in each unit requesting specific information regarding current email addresses and other information to be used for the IFAS Directory. To date aaproximately 30% of the spreadsheets are still outstanding. (Note: Joe Joyce has contacted each of the units with outstanding spreadsheets reminding them of the importance of responding.)

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Policy Recommendations

  • Add an ICC Chair to the ITPAC
  • Send letter from VP office to units with unreturned spreadsheets
  • IT should setup consistent login script as well as educate users about login scripts
  • Discuss Appropriate Use Policy at an IFAS-wide faculty meeting
  • Propose that a current "Policy Status" page be listed under ITNS homepage

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Other Discussion

Appointment of new ITPAC members

Appointment of new ITPAC members beginning January 2001.

Members to be replaced are: Parmenter, Administrative Staff Rep; Andrews, At Large USPS; West, Student Rep; Telg, At Large Faculty; Clemmons, At Large USPS; Bobroff, Dep Faculty Rep.

Next Meeting

Next meeting date to be decided.

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